Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Beginning of Term 4 Mass

Thank you to Father Manoj for celebrating mass with us last Friday.  
Thank you also to B2 for your beautiful Liturgical Dance as well as C2 for being A1's buddy class and helpers on the day.

Here are a few images from this mass.

VIP - "Very Important Person"

We have learnt how very important we are to ourselves, to our parents, to our teachers, to our families and to Jesus.
The following images show how we had a visit from Harold the Giraffe who taught us also how to be patient and considerate of others.

Monday, October 1, 2018


A Pod Mass - End of Term 3

I am one proud teacher to have experienced mass this term led by the children from our pod.  Here are some images from our mass below.  Our children did an amazing job on their part.  All credit to the team.  Thank you for ensuring our children were ready for this mass.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Trip Reminder

21 September 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Please remember that our learning trip to the Auckland Museum is going ahead on
Monday the 24th of September.  This is an all day trip. We will leave school at 9am on Monday
and return to school by 2.30pm.

The children will need the following:

*Wear their full school uniform
*Have a water bottle with their names on these
*Bring a healthy lunch
*A jacket just in-case of wet weather

A reminder that if you are a parent helper, please bring along your own supplies
for lunch as there will not be enough time to leave the group and go buy lunch.

I am hearing parents are to meet us there.  Please remember, we have paid for activities
that we will attend and the Museum will have our numbers for these activities already
in their system.  Parents who want to spend the day at the Museum are welcome to do so
but because your children are with us on a school excursion, they cannot come and have lunch or
spend time with you out there.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Miss Tonga

Team Leader (Year 1 & 2)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Pod Trip to Auckland Museum

Dear Parents and Caregivers.

Thank you so much for your support in signing the permission slips and paying for the trip we are having this coming Monday.  It is wonderful to see such a response from you all.

I have three students I am waiting for permission to go on the trip.  It will be unfortunate if these three children miss out as we planned this trip as a highlight of our learning this term.  We have been studying about Culture in different countries in all classes.

Please make time to come in and chat with me if you have special reasons why your child is missing out on a planned school excursion as part of his/her learning this term.  

I look forward to taking all 23 children to the Museum to witness Culture and to complete our learning in topic for the term.


Miss Tonga

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Cultural Festival

Dear parents/caregivers.

The Cultural Festival is on the 30th which is Thursday this week.  This will take place at Malaeola in the evening.

Please ensure you allow plenty of time for travel, finding a parking and a good seat inside.  The festival begins promptly at 6:00pm.

Remember that the children will need to sit with their dance groups.

Room A1 and A5 students have combined to create different dance groups.  The girls from the two classes will dance as one group and the boys dance together in a different group.

Remember to dress the boys in the black outfits as according to the uniform letters sent out earlier this term.

I am looking forward to another successful Cultural Dance Festival ofcourse with your support.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


In topic, we are learning about Ancient Egypt.  This is keeping in line with the Cultural Festival, learning about different cultures.  Our school value for the term is also - Show No Distinction.  

We show no distinction when we include others in our play and in our learning.  We show no distinction when we show respect to everyone that we meet and when we learn about other cultures that are different from ours because we want to learn new things.

The children have also learnt that the Egyptian people had a special alphabet that is so different to the alphabet we know today.

Last week, the children learnt about the Egyptians and how they bury their loved ones.  This has been an interesting session because they did things differently back then compared to how we bury our loved ones in our days.

We will post our learning photos during topic very soon.